Sunday, Unproductive Sunday

1. Watched the Azkals game while “trying” to write. Of course, that didn’t work out.

My pen and notebook were mocking me the entire time. They were also covering their imaginary ears because I kept screaming or hurling expletives at the TV.

2. Tried to write after the game, but “Sherlock Holmes” was on a few minutes later. My pen and notebook were laughing hysterically. “Elementary, my dear Notebook, she is NEVER gonna get any writing done tonight!”

(I must say, that was a perfect Robert Downey Jr. imitation.)

(No, wait, it was more Benedict Cumberbatch.)

3. “The Losers” was on after “Sherlock”. I had a lot of fun watching Chris Evans, and my pen and notebook had a lot of fun calling me names (you know, like “Loser!”).

4. “Egypt Underworld” was on after that on Nat Geo. My pen and notebook were having a discussion about whether Osiris would let me pass through, considering I lied every time I said “I’m going to write today.” Apparently, even The Feather of Truth would likely be laughing at my expense; Pen and Notebook were quite convinced.

So I just went to sleep after that.

(On hindsight: aren’t Sundays really meant to be unproductive? It is Rest Day, after all.)

(Pen and Notebook: *laughing hysterically* “You really are a Loser!” )

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