Time-out for TV: Exercising the Constitutional Right to ‘Thon

True Blood Season 4 Episode 1:  Look who became the King of Louisiana!  Haha! I knew it!  I called it just days after the season 3 finale.  But what the hell was that Faerie thing about?!

Leave them to exercise their constitutional right to behave like idiots.  -Pam

True Blood Season 4 Episode 2:  Aunt Petunia as Marnie Stonebrook is just surreal (in a good way).  But although the story is now very far from Dead To The World, the new twists are rather interesting.  No matter where Alan Ball decides to take this, I’m just happy they still pursued Amnesia!Eric.  I can’t wait to see the next episode!  Will ASkars be sporting the infamous red underwear?  I’m definitely staying tuned. 😛

Who would you rather trust: a vampire or a politician? -Eric

In other news:  I shouldn’t have started the Game of Thrones pilot at 1:30 in the morning.  The urge to continue watching the rest of the episodes was almost overwhelming.  Now I can feel a migraine coming on.

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