Michael McMillian


My friend Karen Kunawicz was lucky enough to have attended the 2011 San Diego Comic Con. I asked her if she can pass by the Archaia Comics booth to pick up a copy of Michael McMillian’s LUCID for me when she has the time.

I’m not much of a comics reader; I only pick up certain titles once in a blue moon.  LUCID, however, appealed to the fantasy / alternate history / espionage fan in me, so I’ve been waiting for issues to show up at local stores, but to no avail.  The Marketing Manager of Archaia once told me that Fully Booked here in the Philippines carries some of their books but I’ve never seen them carry single issues, just the collected editions of a couple of titles.

Archaia recently published all the issues of LUCID as one book, and Karen was able to get me a copy at SDCC.  She also made it to Michael’s signing, so…YIPPEE!

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Sorry I missed you too, Michael.

Karen was happy to have met him. She said that he really took time out to talk to the people who were having their books signed, unlike some who didn’t focus on the people who are talking to them at all. She told him she came all the way from the Philippines, and that she had a friend who asked her to get a copy of the book and told her about the signing schedule. Karen said he smiled when he heard that, and seemed to appreciate it.

By the way, if he seems familiar, Michael McMillian plays Rev. Steve Newlin in True Blood.  He also wrote the first series of the True Blood comics.

And now to find a copy of Joshua Hale Fialkov’s Tumor, and a way for him and Noel Tuazon to sign it…

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