Webchat with author Rachel Ward at the MIBF

National Book Store and Scholastic are sponsoring a webchat with Rachel Ward, author of the young adult series Numbers on September 18, 4pm, at the National Book Store booth at the Manila International Book Fair (SMX Convention Center).

In Numbers, a girl named Jem has the ability to see a person’s date of death just by looking into their eyes. While waiting in line at the London Eye with her friend Spider, Jem notices that all the tourists have the same Number: today’s date.

Jem passes on her creepy ability to her son Adam in Numbers 2: The Chaos. When Adam notices that almost everyone around him has the same Number, he starts documenting what he sees and discovers a pattern that indicates that something is going to kill a lot of people on January 1, 2025.

Both books in British author Ward’s series are easy reads. Numbers is more internally-focused, exploring how a young person tries to cope with such a life-altering ability. The Chaos is action-packed, as Ward gives readers a look at a dystopian London and how Adam tries to make a difference in the lives of those who are supposedly destined to die in the New Year.

Readers who are looking for a young adult read with a different flavor may find Numbers interesting. Check out a sample chapter at the Scholastic website for the series.

If you’ve read the books and have some questions for Ms. Ward, send them to me by leaving a comment below, and I’ll try to relay them for you during the webcast. đŸ™‚

Originally posted on: NewWorlds.ph

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