Readercon Filipino Friday #5: ReaderCon Hopes and Expectations

Filipino Friday!This meme is hosted by the official Filipino Reader Conference site to promote the 1st ever Filipino Reader Con on September 14th.  That’s on Wednesday!  Yay!

This is the last of the FF memes related to the ReaderCon.  I deliberately skipped the 4th one, but I might try to get back to it some other time. 🙂

What do you hope will happen in the Filipino ReaderCon?  What are you expecting from the event?

Reading used to be a personal experience back in the day when the internet and online social networking didn’t exist.  Now, a reader has opportunities to reach out to other readers and to authors and to share their reading experience with the world.

I hope that the ReaderCon will be the start of something worthwhile for the community of readers and authors in the Philippines.  I hope that when we gather together to share our experiences and learn from one another, that we will also, as a community, find ways to promote and foster reading in the country.  And I also hope that everyone will have fun at the event!

The natural progression from an event such as this is to later mobilize the participants to do something concrete for our advocacy.  I look forward to that. 🙂

Reader Con Badge

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3 thoughts on “Readercon Filipino Friday #5: ReaderCon Hopes and Expectations

  1. Millette says:

    Uggghhh! I TOTALLY forgot about the ReaderCon! And to think I was in the MIBF on the 17th, which I did NOT enjoy by the way because there were way too many people asking me what my credit card was. I bought an Ambeth Ocampo book and that was it. Pfft.

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