Miscellany #02: Alternatives

It’s time for another “Every-Flavour Beans” post! :p

Alternative Alamat: Coming 14th December

Paolo Chikiamco (Hi, Pao!) is going to make it easier for me to get into more works by Filipino authors with his new anthology, Alternative Alamat. Rocket Kapre will release the book on Amazon.com, Flipreads.com, and the iTunes store.

Philippine mythology is full of images that ignite the imagination: gods of calamity and baldness, of cosmic time and lost things; the many-layered Skyworld, and weapons that fight their own battles; a ship that is pulled to paradise by a chain, and a giant crab that controls the tides… yet too few of these tales are known and read today. “Alternative Alamat” gathers stories, by contemporary authors of Philippine fantasy, which make innovative use of elements of Philippine mythology. None of these stories are straight re-tellings of the old tales: they build on those stories, or question underlying assumptions; use ancient names as catalysts, or play within the spaces where the myths are silent. What you will find in common in these eleven stories is a love for the myths, epics, and legends which reflect us, contain us, call to us–and it is our hope that, in reading our stories, you may catch a glimpse, and develop a hunger, for those venerable tales.

“Alternative Alamat” also features a cover and interior illustrations by Mervin Malonzo, a short list of notable Philippine deities, and in-depth interviews with Professors Herminia Meñez Coben and Fernando N. Zialcita.

There’s a list of stories and authors included in the anthology over at Rocket Kapre. [Link]

The Hunger Games movie news

Our local SM Cinemas promises they will be showing the film 1 day ahead of the US release. Apparently, this really is 1 “day and date” ahead, so it’s 22 March 2012, Philippine time.

Lookie at the cover art for all the THG movie tie-ins!
The Hunger Games: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion
The Hunger Games (Movie Tie-In Edition)
The Hunger Games Tribute Guide
The World of The Hunger Games

Danny Elfman is out as one-half of the musical scoring team for the film, and James Newton Howard is taking his place. Howard joins T.Bone Burnett on board the multi-album project. While Howard is a solid alternative to Elfman (and yes, I like Howard’s work more), I would’ve liked to see Hans Zimmer or Alexandre Desplat take on something like THG. Then again, since there are roughly 4 months to go and 2 albums to produce, maybe the filmmakers prefer to play it safe.

More Book-to-Movie Madness: “John Carter”

The trailer is out! I saw this in 3D ahead of our screening of The Adventures of Tintin, and it looks like Pixar did a great job on the production design.

It needs better marketing buzz, though, to be honest. John Lasseter apparently didn’t want to use the title of the source material, John Carter of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs, because JC isn’t quite “of Mars” yet in this movie. Ye-huh, but “John Carter” does not exactly pique one’s interest. It’s not as if he’s James Bond or something…even if he is played by someone like Taylor Kitsch.

At least they didn’t go with the original Princess of Mars. How about: John Carter, Princess of Mars? 😛

Okay, okay, moving on.

Take Your Child to a Bookstore Day!

They have one in the US! I wish we did, too. We need to change that “it’s like taking a kid to a candy store” expression to “it’s like taking a kid to a book store”. ;p

Other Stories:

Hollywood’s Blood Money: Variety has a piece about Hollywood’s on-going love affair with vampires.

– Now I know how I want my book shelf to look.

– Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross have released 6 tracks from their upcoming The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. For free!

Why 3D Movies Need to Die. Until they can do better, I say Amen to that.

– JJ Abrams took it back: Benicio del Toro won’t be in the Star Trek sequel anymore. But what about Khan? *dun dun dunnnnn*

8 thoughts on “Miscellany #02: Alternatives

  1. Leia / Rome (@romaiel) says:

    As promised, here’s the comment-palooza! Be afraid, be very afraid. But you know me and you’re hardly afraid. Hehe.

    Anyhoo, regarding John Carter, I checked out the trailer and I’m starting to sorely wish I can watch a 3D movie just to see Taylor Kitsch in all his armored glory.

    Taking kids to bookstores should be enacted as a law! Haha. Seriously though, a love for reading needs to be nurtured as early as possible.

    The Tardis inspired bookshelf is cool beyond words! If I had one built, that’ll take a lot because I would prefer everything to match the shelves.

    Since info on the THG movie-related book merchandise has appeared out of nowhere, should I start guarding you from your own wallet? Perhaps, I may need to guard mine too if and when I consider to check-out Alternative Alamat. XD

    There is still a question in Hollywood about the lure of vampires in popular entertainment?! The article is already rehashed in my book. Year after year, publications do the same story, no matter how hard you change the approach.

    Guess I have something to sniff for in the high seas; I mean, 6 tracks? Jeez, it’s like asking a bloodhound to smell his dinner and just that. I’ll bide my time. Believe me.

    Benicio del Toro would’ve been an interesting villain choice. Too bad about the Trek development. And would there come a time that we can actually watch 3D-like movies without the aid of glasses?

    Okay… So, did I cover everything? Equal billing, in fairness. Hahaha. ❤

    • Meann says:

      Re: John Carter — For your sake, I hope we see it when we see Immortals!

      Re: Tardis shelf — If I build one, I want an English man to come out of it. XD

      Re: THG books — I only want the movie companion. You know me and movie companions! A.A. shouldn’t be too expensive, since it’s in e-format. I’m gonna start reading the review copy within the week. 😉

      Re: The 6 tracks — They’re offering it for free, so you just have to sign-up. No need for special…ermmm…SKILLS for this one. LOL.

      Re: Del Toro — Rumours are Khan is actually going to be in the movie! KHAAAAAAANNNNNN!!!

      • Leia / Rome (@romaiel) says:

        Immortals + John Carter trailer = LOVE! *sigh*

        Tardis shelf: Which English man are we talking about here? Or all of the English men in The Club? XD

        Shet, Khan’s going to be in the movie! I’m starting to visualize the bromance! Aaaaah.

        Pare, I need my SKILLS. You think I’d just be contented with only 6 tracks? And it’s a sampler. Nope. I shall wait and attack. 😉

        • Meann says:

          Re: English men — All of them! They can take turns!

          Re: Khan — Spock is gonna be jealous.

          Re: Dragon Tattoo — Complete yung 6 tracks, dude. Di pa released yung album, so hintayin mo na lang. Hehe.

  2. jzhunagev says:

    I saw the trailer of John Carter when I and friend watched Real Steal. Interesting! I didn’t know it was based on one of the books Edgar Rice Burroughs’s Barsoom series, and to think that I own the sixth book and seventh book in the series! 😯
    Thanks for the heads up, Meann! 😉

    • Meann says:

      Di ba?! And you’re even familiar with Barsoom. Sayang lang, since it really looks like it’s a good movie. It’s Pixar’s first live-action venture pa.

      Thanks for dropping by, Jzhun!

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