The first single off the The Hunger Games OST is Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift featuring The Civil Wars.

I like it! This is one of Taylor’s better songs, though I suspect the reason it sounds a bit different from her other releases is it was written by T. Bone Burnett, one of the men in charge of writing music for the movie.  The melody seems familiar, though I haven’t quite figured out why just yet and parts of it remind me of Rue’s Four-Note Whistle.  The sound does evoke a lot of memories of the book and how I felt about what I was reading, so that’s a good sign to me. :)

Also, this resonates with me today because someone I know just went through a terrible ordeal: 4 men divested her of her valuables, beat her up, and almost raped her. :( It’s fortunate that she managed to escape. She was just discharged from the hospital this evening, but she still has a battle to fight. You may or may not know who she is, but I hope you can say a prayer for her recovery and peace of mind, and for justice to be served.

Happy Christmas to all who celebrate it! If you don’t, then Happy Holidays! May we all be safe and sound. :)