Scoring the Book: “A Temptation of Angels” by Michelle Zink

One of my favorite things about Michelle Zink‘s latest book, A Temptation of Angels, is it isn’t your usual angel-falls-in-love-with-a-mortal story. The main characters are all on equal footing, so to speak, so we see a different kind of dynamic, and there was room to explore different avenues alleys (winks at those who have read the book) down which the different relationships and the story, in general, can go. There was also more room to build the world and its mythology.

“Holding On and Letting Go” by Ross Copperman is my Scoring the Book choice for A Temptation of Angels. I think it captures the helplessness that Helen Cartwright must have felt in the end—caught between two men who represent her past and her future, knowing that her choice was less about who to hold on to and who to let go of, but whether she is brave enough and ready to embrace her destiny.

This is a fan-made video. Ross Copperman doesn’t have an official video for the song.

One other favorite thing about the book: Griffin Channing. 😉 And that’s all I will write until I post my review. 😀

UPDATE, 3/30: I was just going through my song archives, and I’ve found my song for Raum. :S

Like most of my current favorite songs, I first heard this on The Vampire Diaries, and during a significant moment in the Season 2 finale, too. Hrmmmm…yes, I think I’m going to play this as I re-read the last few pages of Temptation. (On hindsight, that may be a bit masochistic, but…)


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