“We need never be hopeless because we can never be irreparably broken.” (Looking for Alaska, John Green)

The past few days taught me that even 2 inches can make a difference between Heaven and Waterworld Hell, as our house was spared indoor flooding by just that much. If it rained any more, it would have been…awful. I am relieved and thankful that we were spared, but others weren’t as lucky. 😦

Filipino ReaderCon

The past few days has been quite hard for the Filipinos in Manila and other parts of Luzon, with the flooding brought about by the southwest monsoon rains. It’s not easy, but the sunshine that showed up earlier today is a sure sign of hope for all of us, yes? We hope everyone’s okay and dry, or at least, recovering from this blow. Resilience is in our soul, don’t you think?

With this in mind, we will be extending Book Club Week just a little bit. The Book Club guest posts will continue over the weekend, as well as the Filipino Friday post tomorrow. But for now, we shall direct your attention to the more important links before

  • ReliefPH.com – for a consolidated list of evacuation centers, relief operations and donation needs from #ReliefPH hashtag
  • RescuePH.com – for a consolidated list of people in need of rescue from #ReliefPH hashtag

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