Fifty Shades of Ambivalence

A few posts before this one, I wrote about the book club I belong to and how we were going to sponsor a discussion of “Fifty Shades of Grey” during the 2nd Filipino ReaderCon.

Well, it happened.

I was assigned to write a story about the book, but I struggled a lot with how to approach the piece because I honestly did not like “Fifty Shades”. I didn’t want to write a sarcastic, scathing review about such a controversial book because no matter how long I’ve been writing for such a public platform, I’m still scared of equally scathing criticisms and online trolls. I know, I know; Godric Gryffindor is going to disown me.

So I ended up writing a very vanilla piece about what the discussion participants thought instead. It’s all about them and not me…well, except for that very last comment.

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