Snapshots: Bookmark Love #1

A good friend who became the catalyst for my geek-out over Korean dramas and 1 Night 2 Days—we call her Mommy Monster LOL—recently went to Seoul. (I’ve actually been watching the Korean dramas that are broadcast on local TV for years now, but one fateful day when we had a chat about dramas over coffee and she recommended I watch “The Moon That Embraces The Sun 해를 품은 달” started all this craziness. 😛 )

So anyway, she gave me this when she came back from Seoul:

It’s a lady in a hanbok playing a traditional flute called a dae-geum (대금).

엄마 Mabs, Daene (your K names escape me right now), 감사합니다! ❤,연혜

This year, friends who’ve gone on trips abroad have taken to giving me bookmarks from the places they visited. Gotta admit it’s a great gift to give to someone who loves books!

So yeah, maybe I’ll start a bookmark collection now. I’ll post more snapshots of (international) bookmarks soon. 😀

4 thoughts on “Snapshots: Bookmark Love #1

  1. Mabelle says:

    Super cute right! Choice paralysis kami ni Daene at the Namdaemun market kasi ang daming magagandang designs! Yeah looking forward to the international bookmark showcase, madami ako contributions dun hehe – Mommy Monster

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