Snapshots: Bookmark Love #2 + “The Hunger Games: The Filipino Edition”

I’m back with another Snapshots post to fulfill my promise of sharing more bookmarks and just in time to join in Bookmark Mondays at Guiltless Reading. ^_^

This one’s from Thailand, and is a present from 엄마 Monster (a.k.a. Mabs) and 동생 Echo. It’s a thin wood bookmark with a metal design of a lucky elephant.

Apparently, it’s a lucky elephant if it’s depicted with its trunk curled up. Down-turned trunks = not good. And that’s our Lesson for the Day. 😛

And as you can see from the photo, I’m starting on “The Hunger Games: The Filipino Edition.” It’s turning out to be better translated compared to “Takipsilim (Twilight)”.

I turned to one of my all-time favorite Hunger Games scenes when I took the photo. *_* Strategic!Stuttering!Lovestruck!Peeta = ❤.

2 thoughts on “Snapshots: Bookmark Love #2 + “The Hunger Games: The Filipino Edition”

  1. guiltlessreader (@guiltlessreader) says:

    Thanks for joining in the meme! 🙂 That is a really pretty bookmark and I guess you’re getting some good luck if your reading is going well! I never knew there was a Filipino edition of either of these books — though I am glad for it! So anong translation ng The Hunger Games — Larong Pampagutom? 🙂

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