Recording: Lysley Tenorio’s Talk and Q&A at the “Monstress” Book Signing, 9 February 2013

Filipino-American author Lysley Tenorio visited Manila earlier this month for a talk, and to sign copies of his short story anthology, “Monstress”. The event was made possible by National Book Store.

monstress book signing4

In case you missed it, here’s an audio recording of the talk and Q&A, which was moderated by Ms. Xandra Ramos-Padilla, Purchasing Director for Books for National Book Store.

…for all the victories that some of these characters might have, I think there is also an inevitable sense of defeat and vice-versa. No immigrant experience is truly wonderful or truly miserable… leaving home is difficult, and it’s always a complicated process. It’s never black and white. It’s not always that idea of leaving a country for a seemingly better country.

Lysley Tenorio Talk and Q&A – 9 February 2013 (Run Time: 28 mins 55 secs)

If you don’t like audio streaming, Direct Download from here: click!

I liked the stories in “Monstress”, by the way. I loved the quirky, sometimes strange, sometimes whimsical, sometimes larger-than-life characters and stories, and how the author managed to convey something very real about alienation, leaving home, and trying to find your identity, through them. I hope to post a proper review after I finish writing my article about this event for GMA News Online. *crosses fingers, tries to ward off procrastination and writer’s block*

Related: My friend Ron from and Manila Bulletin also posted a transcript of his interview with Mr. Tenorio here ⇨ click!

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