Bookmark Monday: So yeah, it’s not Monday anymore

…but that’s okay! It’s probably Monday in some other universe or something.

I don’t have anything special today (pretend with me that it’s Monday), just cute and popular bear Rilakkuma.

Nail art

And oh, look, nail art!

I guess this really is just an excuse to take a photo of the nail art (which was drawn by my sister) and to post it somewhere. 😛

4 thoughts on “Bookmark Monday: So yeah, it’s not Monday anymore

  1. joymie64 says:

    Oh BTW my almost-10-year-old daughter has started reading Beautiful Creatures. I’m still in dillema if I should have let her. Gah! Maybe just need to sit her down once she’s done reading so we can discuss it.

    • Meann ★ says:

      Oh wow, really? Might be a little too teen for her, but if you discuss it with her, that will be really cool!

      In my previous post about “Icon of the Indecisive” where I linked an audio commentary, fellow bloggers and I did notice that the age of kids reading YA books is getting younger. I think that’s okay, though, if parents take it as an opportunity to discuss books with their children, not only to dissect the issues in the book, but also to bond with them. 😉 It’s an impressionable age, but sometimes, kids resist outright “lecturing”, so books are a nice packaging to use to deliver those lessons. 😉

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