Today’s Alibi for not blogging for days: The non-stop rains for the past 5 days finally caused a flood that came to about 1.5 feet high in the first floor of our house, and about 3-4 feet at street level. Cleanup is a bitch. (Also, my Tumblr dash was flooded by many, many fandom related posts. I’ve been staring at too many LJS magazine photoshoots, I may have lost track of a few hours. I know, I know, this particular alibi is worse than “My dog ate my homework”, but it’s better than posting a senseless book review because you’re distracted.) ♫ Now Playing: “Two Weeks” OST — “Run” (Nell); “Love Leaves” (Ahn Ye-seul); “The Day You Come” (Yoo Seung-woo)

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