Bookmark Monday #9: Dream

b438b-bookmark-mondayIt’s been a while since my last Bookmark Monday post. But since I cleaned up the house last weekend, I was able to finally make sure my bookmarks are all in one place after I’ve used them.

Today’s bookmark is pretty, but it can be impractical.

The moon and star are magnetic and are attached to an elastic string. You pull the moon and star apart and use the string to mark your page, then you snap the moon and star back together over the book’s front cover. It’s impractical because the elastic is ideal only for medium-thickness pocketbook-size books. The “Midnighters” book shown here is unconventionally sized–a little larger than a pocketbook but smaller than a trade paperback–but if I go any further reading, the elastic will soon reach its limit.

Still pretty, though! πŸ˜‰

Bookmark Monday is hosted by Guiltless Reading.

3 thoughts on “Bookmark Monday #9: Dream

    • Meann β˜… says:

      I’m not on Pinterest. 😦 My only SNS accounts are Twitter, Tumblr, and Plurk. But go ahead and post the bookmarks on Pinterest. πŸ˜‰

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