Who the Hot Neighbor Kid married and the Decades-Old Grudge

I saw these fun Upworthy-style re-titled books by TheMillions.com in my Tumblr timeline and had quite a laugh:

Until I saw this…


…and remembered a decades-old grudge.

“Little Women” was required reading back when I was in 6th grade, and looking back, I think this must have been my first experience in legit fandom-level shipping.

I got really attached to Jo’s character, who I found a lot in common with. And I really liked her and Laurie together, so I was so mad about who he ended up with…

ヽ(`Д´)ノ︵ ┻━┻

…that I never read any other Louisa May Alcott book or watched any adaptations of “Little Women” since. It pained me to skip on that Keira Knightley movie because I like her, but skip it I did.

I realized much later, of course, that what Alcott did was actually great, plot-wise and character-wise, and in keeping with the theme of the book. And The Professor was a good man and a good husband to Jo, so it’s not like she suffered or anything. But when you are in 6th grade, this first love heartbreak thing can be rather devastating, never mind that it’s only fictional and that it didn’t even happen to you!

And I realize now that that grudge against Alcott was silly; she was just doing her job. But I still can’t get past a particular chapter of that book, or read any other Alcott work, or watch any adaptations. So silly.

It’s been decades and I’m still not over it, damn it.

Jo x Laurie forever!

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