[Audio] Mitch Albom Book Signing Tour in Manila, Philippines – 2014-02-22

Here is my recording of the Q&A with Mitch Albom and Ms. Xandra Ramos-Padilla of National Book Store during the Mitch Albom Book Signing Tour stop here in Manila last February 22. I know a lot of people who didn’t make it to the event, and some people said that audio wasn’t too good from the far edges of the activity center, so I decided to upload and share this.

Photo courtesy of National Book Store

Photo courtesy of National Book Store

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  • Lots of screaming fans! 😉 Mitch is a legit rock star.
  • “Outside of the United States, apparently, the biggest group of readers that I have in the world is right here in the Philippines.”
  • “Tuesdays With Morrie” was rejected by at least 10 publishers before it was finally sold.
  • “I didn’t know what Tala meant when I wrote the name.”
  • Mitch talks about his charity project for typhoon-devastated schools and affected fishermen
  • Mitch impersonates Elvis Presley, live!
  • One of Morrie’s greatest lessons: “Taking just makes me feel more like I’m dying; giving makes me feel like I’m living.”

After my article on Mitch and his visit here is published, I will also share snippets from my actual interview with him. I interviewed him together with 2 other ladies from other local news websites, and a lot of fun and “fluffy” stuff was talked about! 😉 And also, I will give away a signed copy of “The Five People You Meet In Heaven”! Stay tuned.

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