Bookmark Monday #12: Hanami Lady

b438b-bookmark-mondayMy friend Minami got this lovely bookmark for me during her trip to Japan. (Thank you! ありがとう!)

The design of the lady and the cherry blossoms is engraved on a thin, hard plastic. I used my old phone’s camera to take the photo, so unfortunately, it does not properly show how dramatic the gold highlights make the design look.

Hanami Lady

When I first saw this bookmark, it immediately reminded me of one of my favorite books, Arthur Golden’s “Memoirs of a Geisha”, and this scene from the 2005 movie adaptation:


“Memoirs” is one of my “ritual books”; I try to read it at least once a year. I don’t like books set during a war, but this one is an exception. Golden’s style is very evocative, and…the feels. ^_^

And that movie may have been trashed by critics, but I still loved it. Ken Watanabe is awesome, the costumes and cinematography are wonderful, and of course, John Williams’ musical score is flawless, as always.

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3 thoughts on “Bookmark Monday #12: Hanami Lady

  1. Minami says:

    Fun fact: i got that in a souvenir shop outside fushimi inari shrine, where they filmed the scene with all the orange arches in Memoirs. 🙂

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