Bookmark Monday #13: Word Count

b438b-bookmark-mondayLeia, the Lady of the Flower Gardens (wink, wink), gifted me with this cute bookmark. (Thank you! 감사합니다!)

This is made of metal and has a clip at one end, which you can use as an anchor on the front or back cover (for paperbacks) or somewhere in the middle of the book. The chain with the abacus charm is then inserted as the place holder. The charm can be a bit bulky, so this is recommended for regular paperbacks whose pages won’t suffer too much with a bulky placeholder.

abacus bookmark

Leia has a version of this with a coin instead of an abacus, but I’m not sure how many other designs there are. 🙂

Bookmark Monday is hosted by Guiltless Reading.

2 thoughts on “Bookmark Monday #13: Word Count

    • Meann ★ says:

      You’re right about enablers! LOL. The upside is that they just come back with bookmarks from…where ever it is they went on vacation to. The downside is that they don’t ask me if I want anything else anymore. Hehehehe. XD

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