Bookmark Monday #14: Brilliant Minds

b438b-bookmark-mondayA segue before getting to the actual Bookmark Monday stuff: I haven’t posted in a while because my brain seems to want to take a break from writing about books and just concentrate on actually reading them, and also to just keep watching K-dramas instead of blogging about them. XD This has resulted in a bad case of procrastinating on blog posts that I wanted to actually write, and on articles that needed to be submitted like…ages ago. o_O So, apologies to those who have been waiting for the result of the “Hush Hush” giveaway. I will post the results sometime this week.

On to the actual Bookmark Monday post!

A few weeks ago, Leia and I had a “Museum Day With The Neffy-poos” at The Mind Museum in Taguig. It was tiring (we cannot compete with the boundless energy of young boys) but it was fun!

One of my favorite interactive exhibits is Literature-related.

photo (6)

I could swear my heart rate sped up a bit because of that excerpt from D.H. Lawrence’s “Sons and Lovers”…

Anyway, after roaming around for several hours, we passed by the Museum Store on our way out. We spotted these super cute magnetic bookmarks at the Museum Shop, and of course I could not resist buying them for my bookmark collection. I just wish they had more designs available, and therefore more featured scientists.

photo (5)


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4 thoughts on “Bookmark Monday #14: Brilliant Minds

    • Meann β˜… says:

      Yes, I think so! I think one of the Store’s entrances can be accessed from outside the Museum so that you can buy from the store even if you don’t want to enter the Museum itself. πŸ™‚

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