And so he has decided to “LEAVE EARLY TO AVOID THE RUSH.”

This is my first post in months! Well, not because he is my ultimate favorite author or because he influenced me or anything like that. I can’t say that because I have not read enough of his work, which is a damn shame.

But I do admire him and loved the handful of works of his that I have read. His stories are always thought-provoking and profound and oh so quotable. They are entertaining in so many ways, on so many levels.

It’s a good thing I’ve managed to refrain from getting a highlighter and marking my favorite passages in the Discworld books I have and in “Good Omens” because I would have probably messed up the poor pages.

The literary world lost another great talent. But as the man himself said:

No one is actually dead until the ripples they cause in the world die away.

And so he has now become The Immortal Sir Terry Pratchett.

Walk in peace, Sir.

p.s. “Neil Gaiman on why Radio 4’s Good Omens is really for Terry Pratchett” (I cried. ;_; )

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