Thank you, Goosebumps!

So I just learned that…

My nephew better not see this, otherwise, my wallet will be starring in Big Trouble in Little Money. 🙈

*oops, too late.*

He isn’t much of a reader. I’ve bought him a lot of books in the past, and he doesn’t finish most of them, even the easy-level ones. But one day, I bought him a copy of “How To Kill A Monster”, which I found in a second-hand book store. I thought he would take an interest in a spooky book. “How To Kill A Monster”! I would have squeed if I was 10 years old.

The book languished in a cabinet for months, until I noticed a couple of weeks ago that he’s started bringing the book to school. I learned that he has a classmate who collects “Goosebumps” books, and they’ve been chatting about it. And then he got all excited that he actually finished it. (Peer pressure in a good way, I guess.)

I’ve since bought him 2 new “Goosebumps” titles from the Horrorland series. I wouldn’t normally indulge him this easily, but I was quite excited to see him take an interest in books. (It’s books; I’m weak. 😝) I’ve asked him to let me know if there are words he doesn’t understand, and I periodically ask him to tell me about what he’s read.

Book recommendations from adults are all well and good, but I guess sometimes you just have to leave kids alone to fall in love with something by themselves. With a little guidance, of course.

Now I just have to encourage him to continue to read. It will be quite a challenge! But thank you, Goosebumps! At least my job is easier now that he’s found something he actually likes. 🙂


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