Stephanie and The Girl Who Read

I got to meet the very lovely and bubbly New York Times Bestselling Author slash Hug Machine Stephanie Perkins a couple of weeks ago during the National Book Store-sponsored signing events here in the country.


Like many of the authors who visited before her, Stephanie seemed surprised but very happy to see how many readers and fans she has here. That rock star reception in two cities is definite proof that many people love her books.

What’s so memorable about Stephanie is how she talks to each and every person in line, even if it’s just to ask how they are doing if they are too shy to talk first, or to compliment someone, or to answer a question. And the HUGS! There’s just something about Stephanie that makes you want to hug her. I wasn’t planning to, but after we took a photo, I just had the sudden urge to. I’m not sure how many people she hugged that day in the Manila signing because there were more than 600 people in line. But HUGS for everyone! bighug

She had quite a lengthy and enlightening discussion with NBS’s Ms. Xandra Ramos Padilla and Town and Country magazine’s Ms. Yvette Fernandez before the signing, but what remains most significant to me is her advice for writers:

To all of the writers out there, the number one piece of advice I have for you is to learn how to read like a writer. And what I mean is that when you’re reading a book, take it a little bit slower and be a little more conscious and self-aware. When you’re reading something and you have a reaction— it doesn’t matter what the reaction is. If it’s something funny, or makes you swoon, or scares you, or makes you angry, stop and go back and see how the author made that happen. Good books and bad books can be equally effective. When you’re reading and you go, ugh, terrible! Stop and think why and what you’re not enjoying about it.

I always tell my readers who want to be authors that the people I read in school growing up–like Jane Austen and Charles Dickens–they didn’t take writing classes. They learned how to write by reading. I encourage you to keep reading, keep reading, keep reading.

Most writers just tell people to read but not why and how, and Stephanie’s advice explains a lot and is, I think, a great practical advice that I will definitely take to heart. Not that I have a novel in the works…I only wish I did. XD

p.s. Thank you, National Book Store! 🙂

[Audio] Mitch Albom Book Signing Tour in Manila, Philippines – 2014-02-22

Here is my recording of the Q&A with Mitch Albom and Ms. Xandra Ramos-Padilla of National Book Store during the Mitch Albom Book Signing Tour stop here in Manila last February 22. I know a lot of people who didn’t make it to the event, and some people said that audio wasn’t too good from the far edges of the activity center, so I decided to upload and share this.

Photo courtesy of National Book Store

Photo courtesy of National Book Store

Click the Play button:

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  • Lots of screaming fans! 😉 Mitch is a legit rock star.
  • “Outside of the United States, apparently, the biggest group of readers that I have in the world is right here in the Philippines.”
  • “Tuesdays With Morrie” was rejected by at least 10 publishers before it was finally sold.
  • “I didn’t know what Tala meant when I wrote the name.”
  • Mitch talks about his charity project for typhoon-devastated schools and affected fishermen
  • Mitch impersonates Elvis Presley, live!
  • One of Morrie’s greatest lessons: “Taking just makes me feel more like I’m dying; giving makes me feel like I’m living.”

After my article on Mitch and his visit here is published, I will also share snippets from my actual interview with him. I interviewed him together with 2 other ladies from other local news websites, and a lot of fun and “fluffy” stuff was talked about! 😉 And also, I will give away a signed copy of “The Five People You Meet In Heaven”! Stay tuned.

PR and Guidelines: Melissa de la Cruz, Alyson Noel and Margaret Stohl book signings in National Book Store

National Book Store brings three New York Times bestselling authors—Melissa de la Cruz, Alyson Noel and Margaret Stohl—for book signing events on September 13 at 6 pm in the Activity Center of Ayala Center Cebu, on September 14 at 4 pm in The Podium Atrium and on September 15 at 2 pm in the National Book Store booth at the Manila International Book Fair in the SMX Convention Center.


Filipino-American Melissa de la Cruz is the author of the Blue Blood series, a popular vampire novel which has three million copies in print. Her latest novel Frozen is the first book in the Heart of Dread series, co-authored by her husband Michael Johnston. It narrates Natasha Kestal’s journey out of New Vegas, a city blanketed in ice, to the paradise-like and mythical land called “the Blue,” where the sun shines and where she will not be persecuted even if her darkest secret comes to light.

Alyson Noel is the bestselling author of the Immortals series and its spinoff the Riley Bloom series. Her books have been translated into 37 languages and sold in over 50 countries with over seven million copies in print. She is currently working on her latest series The Soul Seekers, which includes Fated, Echo and Mystic. It tells the story of Daire Santos, who after setting out to harness her powers as a Soul Seeker, one who can navigate the worlds between living and dead, is forced to discover if the boy from her dreams is the one she’s meant to be with or is allied with the enemy she’s destined to destroy.

Margaret Stohl is the co-author of the Beautiful Creatures series with Kami Garcia. It was named as Amazon’s #1 Teen Book of 2009, and its movie adaptation was released by Warner Bros. earlier this year. Her latest novel Icons, the first book in a new young adult dystopian series, follows the story of four teens, who use their superpowers to save the world after an alien invasion referred to as “The Day.” Dol, Ro, Tima and Lucas try to piece together the mysteries of their pasts and discover that their uncontrollable emotions may actually be their greatest strengths.

The events are made possible in partnership with Raffles Makati, The Podium and Ayala Center Cebu.

Books by Melissa de la Cruz, Alyson Noel and Margaret Stohl are available in National Book Store, Powerbooks and Bestsellers branches. Shop online at Follow National Book Store on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@nbsalert) for the latest events, promos and contests.

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