Giveaway: Signed copy of “The Five People You Meet In Heaven” by Mitch Albom

This contest is now CLOSED. Please check back soon for the announcement of the winner.

It’s almost Holy Week, so I thought it would be a good time to finally post this giveaway. 🙂

If you missed Mitch Albom’s blockbuster-movie-level book signings here in the Philippines, here’s your chance to win a signed paperback copy of “The Five People You Meet In Heaven,” Albom’s first novel. There is a Filipino character in the novel named Tala, and the protagonist was based on Albom’s uncle, who served in the U.S. military and was deployed here to fight against the Japanese occupation during World War II.

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REMINDER: When you comment here, please don’t forget to answer the contest question: Name 5 people you would like to meet in Heaven; they should be real people who have passed away, whether they are famous people or your relatives. Your points for this entry will be rendered invalid if you don’t post a comment.

The contest is open only to residents of the Philippines. If you are not a resident but know someone with a Philippine mailing address who is willing to mail you the prize if you win, then you are welcome to join the contest. Contest ends 20 April 2014 (Easter Sunday)..

Spread the word, and May the Odds Be Ever In Your Favor!

20 thoughts on “Giveaway: Signed copy of “The Five People You Meet In Heaven” by Mitch Albom

  1. ghirlieee says:

    After reading this book, I pictured myself in the shoes of the main character. Who could be the people I want to meet in heaven or are there already people in heaven I will meet? But if there’s really a chance whom I want to meet in heaven, these are:
    1. Father Reddy Corpus
    He taught us how to sing gracefully and spiritually. When I was young, I just know that being a choir you need to sing throughout the mass without mistakes but I was wrong. Thanks to Fr. Reddy and I really wish I could spend some time with him more. 🙂
    2. Cory Monteith
    Okay, I just turned Gleek last year and started watching Glee starting January last year and losing Finn in Glee really broke my heart. I wish they could have Glee concert in the Philippines. I really want to meet him up there and maybe sing a song together like what he did with Rachel (Lea Michele) in Glee. ♥
    3. Kuya Boyet
    He was our school’s one and only maintenance crew and he was like the Big brother of all elementary students in our school. I wish I could spend more time to talk with him and exchange a lot of knock-knock jokes too.
    4. Sir Jade
    He was our choirmate in our diocesan and he was really great in teaching cheerdances and I heard he was fun to be with. I envied my sister because she had a time to be with him. I really wish we were close too 😦
    5. The real Rose DeWitt Bukater or Rose Dawson Calvert and Jack Dawson
    Okay this might be weird but I really want to meet them, tell me real stories what really happened and I always want to hear again their real love story. Hayyy ♥

  2. tintintinner says:

    1. my father
    2. my friend
    3. rico yan
    4. st. joseph – husband of mama mary
    5. someone who is connected to my life that i don’t know – just like in the book.. the one from the carnival. he was unaware that he was a part of his life. the other character died because of him

  3. Mikee Mae Garcia says:

    I want to meet my grandmother and my bestfriend once again. The other two would be Pope John Paul II and my grandfather and my sibling that I did not have the chance to meet.

  4. Pamela Grace M. Gayrama says:

    1. My mom, Estrella.
    2. My grandfather, Vic.
    3. My ninang, mommy Franz
    4. Rico Yan
    5. AJ Perez

  5. blackplume says:

    The first three would be my grandparents. I just missed them so much! The other two would be mother theresa and gandhi for a chance to have a simple chat with them. There’s so much to learn from those two.

  6. kitintintin says:

    There are five people that I want to meet in heaven, my Lolo Ireneo and Lolo Andres (that counts for two ^_^) who died before I was even born, so I really wanna meet them and get to know them. Third is my Lola Pelegrania who took care of me when I was still young and encouraged me to pursue my dreams. Next is I want to meet a random person there in heaven, chat with them and just share my life and get comfortable with them. =) The last person that I want to meet in heaven is of course God, I want to finally see Him. I have felt and received his works down on Earth and now that I’am finally in heaven I want to see him. And those are the five people that I want to meet in heaven. Thanks for another giveaway! ♥ :*

  7. Krizia says:

    The five people I want to meet in heaven are:
    1.) My mother – died when I was little, really want to spend some time with her 🙂
    2.) Grandmother (father’s side) – died when I was little too, really missing her…
    3.) Grandfather (mother’s side) – never got to see him 😦 I want to get to know him 🙂
    4.) My cousins – there are I think three of them that I never got to see, want to get to know them 🙂 Uhhmm does this entry count as 3 or 1? Haha 😀
    5.) God – of course 😀 don’t know if this is valid for this list but I really want to see him 🙂

  8. Erika Joy Lopez (@AllSmilesErika) says:

    The five people I want to meet in heaven are:
    1)My Grandfather (mother’s side) because I didn’t even get the chance to meet him
    2)My Grandmother (mother’s side) same reason as above
    3)My Grandfather (father’s side) same reason as above
    4)My mother’s sister because she’s my favorite aunt and she passed away too soon
    5)Lastly, Princess Diana, because my mom’s very fond of her and she had a great influence on her

  9. mai mijares says:

    The 5 people I would like to meet in Heaven are:
    1-2) My twin brothers who passed away 13 and 30 days after their birth. I never really had a chance to meet them nor do we have any picture of them.
    3-4) Grandmother and grandfather, dad’s side. Because I also haven’t got a chance to meet them.
    5) I wanted to meet my aunt also in dad’s side.

  10. anjwrites says:

    Hmmm, this is kind of tough. This never really crossed my mind even when I read the novel.

    I suppose we can start the list with two people who I haven’t been able to spend much time with — my Grandmom (mother’s side) and Granddad (father’s side). Lola Inda was said to be hardworking and loved her 11 children equally. My mom’s the 11th child. I want to ask her how she made it through farming and raising 11 relatively good children who are now with their own families. I never got to talk to her much because given that I am the child of the 11th child, she was pretty old and I didn’t speak the language so… yeah. As for Lolo Kiana, I want to hear stories of Tondo and Avenida back in the day. My dad tells awesome stories of his childhood. What more him? I am also a history nut so I’d like to hear about what was happening back then in Manila too. He died when I was young, never really spoke to him much because he wouldn’t understand. He was that old. I only have one living grandparent and we all treasure her dearly. Basically, from my grandparents, I intend to learn about what happened and what they did in order to guide me in making better decisions today.

    The third person I want to meet would be Jane Austen. I want to meet my literary idol. I want to ask her how she wrote and why she wrote and ah, there’s so many things I want to ask about her and her life. Movies aren’t enough. Books aren’t enough. Having tea with Ms. Austen would bring me closer to heaven. With this moment, I intend to get guidance in attaining my dream of becoming a writer.

    The fourth person I want to meet would be Queen Victoria. At such a young age and a problematic environment, she became queen of England. How did she do it without causing the country to burn down to the ground? Did she have breakdowns? When did she realize that she loved Prince Albert? So many questions. I think it’s best we have our one on one over tea or a carriage trip to France or some other country far from England. Haha. She would teach me how to be a leader and be on top of this chess game and not let others play it for me. I honestly don’t know if Young Victoria does the monarch justice but hey, meeting her would definitely clear things up.

    At this point, I realize that there are many dead people that I would like to meet… and that my post is lengthy. I talk/write too much. OTL

    Anyway, onto the last person. There are actually three more people I want to meet – Marie Antoinette, Anastacia, and someone who committed suicide. I find it hard to choose which of the three would be perfect for the last person. I want to ask Marie Antoinette if she regretted her life. After being forced into marrying and into conceiving, she obviously cracked along the way, craving for the youth she missed, and went through a downward spiral. She basically ended up being hated and dead in the long run. Did she regret the decisions she made in her life, though? For Anastacia, I want to ask her if she or Maria lived after the Russian Revolution. We have people saying the younger girl lived but some say it was Maria. So who did live and how did they end up alive when everyone else in their family died in the revolution? *Yes I am a history nut. Haha.* The last one is a bit of ambiguous but even before I thought of MA and A, this person was someone I am kind of set on meeting. I would, however, ask the same question that I would ask Marie Antoinette — regret. I suppose the last person would teach me how to deal with regret and moving forward. These three people are perfect for that lesson. Decisions they made and made by others may lead to regrets and so, how does one deal with that?

    So… there you have it and my lengthy discussion on my own five (or seven — I am asking for too much) people. Good luck to all of us and thank you for giving me something to write about. Hahaha. >:D<

    *I might post this on my blog and I hope that you don't mind. TwT

  11. Pau says:

    The first three people that I would love to meet in Heaven are my grandfather and grandmother (father side) and my grandmother (mother side) because I missed them so much and I want to hear their stories again. The other two that I would like to meet and greet in heaven are Pope John Paul and Princess Diana, one of the most influential peoples when they were still alive.

  12. julie ann says:

    The five people i want to meet in heaven are my grandfather,, grandmother, authors F. Scott Fitzgerald and Emily Brontë (bc they didnt find out their works have been famous) and lastly, author Ned Vizzini (bc his book is one of my fave)

  13. Ma. Clarice Lao - Itumay says:

    I want to meet My Lolo Luis ( I never met him), Lolo Nanding (since I have lots of questions), Lola Nene ( i just want to say hi) and My Lola Lagring (whom I was not able to say goodbye properly. Lastly, I want to meet in heaven Paul Walker because he is my ultimate crush.

  14. Rose Ann says:

    The first two person I would like to meet in heaven is my grandmother and grandfather (mother’s side). I never met my lolo coz he passed away days after my parents got married, while my lola passed away just two weeks ago and I haven’t had the chance to say goodbye to her and how much I love her. The next person I would like to meet in heaven is my cousin, Kayseline, who was like a sister to me. And the other two persons are my uncle francisco and auntie josie.

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