When writing begets more opportunities for reading

I recently turned in a story about a local public high school and their Little Reading Program That Could (click!). I learned about Ms. Debby Asuncion, Kalayaan National High School, and their Y.O.U.T.H. Power program a few months ago during the 2nd Filipino Reader Conference. I was very impressed by how the school has managed to keep their program afloat despite their less than ideal circumstances, as well as by the passion of the people involved to ensure that the program will continue to help students become better readers.

Yesterday, I learned that after reading my story, Eskritoryo Pilipinas, an “organization dedicated to promoting literature and environmental sustainability in early education,” organized a book drive to benefit Kalayaan’s program. Here’s an account of their visit to the school: click!

Writer and fellow blogger Chris Mariano (dementedchris), who’s a member of Eskritoryo Pilipinas, also told me that the folks from the school actually printed out my story for everyone to read. Whoa.




I know that Ms. Debby is very busy, so I wasn’t surprised that I didn’t hear back from her after the story went live. But I also worried that she wouldn’t see the story if she didn’t get to check her e-mail. I’m glad that wasn’t the case, and I’m so touched that the people in the school even posted it in their hallway. ❤❤❤!

When I submit articles for publication, I certainly don’t have any altruistic or noble motivations; I write just because I like to, and sometimes, because I have to. But ever since I pitched this story to my editor, I harbored hopes that someone who will come across it can actually do something concrete to help Kalayaan. Because my circumstances hinder me from doing something more substantial to help, writing about them on a wide-reaching online platform was the most practical way I could think of to personally contribute to the cause. I’m very happy that a group like Eskritoryo was able to give them what they really need, and at Christmastime, too!

Thank you, Chris, for sending me the photos! Kudos and Happy Christmas to everyone in your organization. bounce

2 thoughts on “When writing begets more opportunities for reading

  1. dementedchris says:

    I hope you continue to write more articles like this. It’s really inspiring. We wouldn’t have known about Kalayaan High without your article. Thank you, Meann!

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